Cholangitis and Female Cycles

Hello Ladies!

I am wondering if anyone has experienced episodes of cholangitis (infection of bile ducts) either before or during their monthly cycle? I have found that EVERY time I have an attack it is during or right before my cycle. I spoke with my hepatologist about this but he does not believe there is any correlation. If anyone has experienced this, please let me know what, if any information you have on it and what you may do to try to "prevent" it from happening. Sorry this is not much of a discussion for men, but maybe a husband of a wife who has PSC can respond!



I have experienced a pattern of pain like yours, but I no longer do. I used to experience a terrible pain every month like that and I started getting it checked out. Even after getting my gallbladder removed, I still experienced it, but now it comes at random and doctors do not know what it is. It's a horrible pain at base of my breast bone and upper right side where my gallbladder should be. Does this seem to be similar to yours? If so, I also have been told that there was no correlation to my cycle and pain. I, unfortunately, don't know about any prevention for this pain (again if this is the same pain that you have). I used to take birth control and that seemed to change the pattern to every 3 months. I stopped taking it and after a couple years, I started taking it again and it seemed to trigger it.

Whatever my pain is, which after doing some research, describes my pain. If this is similar to your experiences, please let me know. I'm getting desperate and losing faith in the doctors I've seen.