Hello I am new to this group, however my wife has had psc & uc since 1996. For the most part she hasn’t had any symptoms in till about 5 years ago. She started having urq pain from time to time. Nothing real bad. And then a few times she had what I am guessing now were gallbladder attacks. Very bad pain that came and lasted a few days and then started to go away. She went to the er a few times with the pain and that did test and said you gallbladder was in larger but never went any further that that. Now in the last 3 months she has had worse pain and in fact the last two days very bad pain. She had an abdominal scan done 2 weeks ago that showed a large gallbladder with sludge. Her liver dr in the past had always wanted her to keep it as long as possible, but now he said to do a hida scan and if it shows problems he would like it removed. Her pain comes and goes during the day. I had been bad after eating anything, now it comes on at any time if she has eaten or not. I just looking to see if others here have had this problem and if so how you handled it?
Thanks Jeff