Castor oil packs

Has anyone tried or benefited from castor oil packs? I have read it is good for the liver.

Did you read that in an Edgar Cayce book? (By the way, I'm not an Edgar Cayce believer, though.) In the past, I tried the castor oil packs on my abdomen over my liver. This was many years ago, likely before I was diagnosed with liver disease. It made me feel relaxed and I might do it again in the future. However, my gastroenterologist said there's no evidence it helps. If you try it, be sure to set your alarm because the electric heating pad over the pack will make you sleepy and you don't want to sleep with the pad on. It's better to ask somebody to turn the heating pad off once you start dozing.

Essentially you have some sort of gauze or cloth soaked in the castor oil. You put this on your abdomen. Above this you will need a piece of plastic to protect the other layers from the greasy oil-soaked cloth. Above the plastic you may need a towel or you may not depending on how hot you set the pad. Then above this you have the heating pad on. i would choose a medium or low heat. You do the whole thing in one hour. I wouldn't put it on longer than that.

These days, I am using castor oil on my legs and hands and it really helps a lot in this dry winter weather. My itching has gone down a lot. It is soothing and a heavy oil. It doesn't cost much and you don't need much of it, so why not give it a try. It takes about ten minutes to sink in though and you will not be able to touch anything while it does. But it's way better than St. Ives or Vaseline or any of those hand creams.