Can we trust the vitamins we buy at retail stores?

Hello everyone,

If you know anything about me, I tend to be a skeptic and I research things before trying or taking something new. I recently came across this study put out by the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.

This study is disturbing. Has anyone else read anything similar to this ?

We naturally trust Companies that make vitamins but this industry is not as regulated as it should be.

This reminds me of a study The Toronto Star newspaper published a few years ago. Reporters went to various 4-5 star restaurants in the City , bought fish off the menu, sea bass, haddock, and other white fish that were being featured. Turns out in most of the cases, the fish actually being served was tilapia, a cheap fish most of which comes from China. Who would have thought well known respected eateries would stoop so low.

Trust is a hard thing to come by these days.


Yes, it is hard to trust supplements unregulated by the FDA. I find Amazon somewhat helpful, as there is usually a vitamin guru or several among the reviews who can help you determine which products are higher quality than others. Once you think you have selected a brand, you can google the brand with the word "reviews" after it and find out what people have to say about it on other health food sites.

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Yes, I came across a similar, but shocking report. I try to stick to brands with good reports. They may be a little pricier, but I would rather give my daughter the best than have adverse reactions. I look for "gluten-free" and "dairy-free" products that are established. I wish we could take the products at "face-value", but alas......

Dear Stephen,

That is what I did. When I first came to Canada the brands seemed like "alien" to me. Most of the brands I was use to England were not readily available. I got friendly with the owner/employees at the Nutrition House and they suggested brands to me (Progressive, SISU, Nutrasea). Then I did some research. The funny thing was I attended a seminar by Bryce Wylde and he gave out a sample of Nutrasea. SInce then quite a few people have recommended Nutrasea so for the past three years my daughter has been on that brand. There are a few other brands too that have really good reputations. See what you like.

Mel x