Ama? psc?

Hi, I’ve just had an MRCP done yesterday, I’m waiting for the results. (Should be today or tomorrow?) I was curious though because I just received a phonecall from my gastroenterologist that I had Positive AMA Or ANA, I might’ve misheard) and slight elevation of IG4 (I don’t know exactly what that is though) And was told there could be an immune response.

They didn’t tell me whether I had PBC or not. Is it possible to have positive AMA results but have PSC? They really wanted the MRCP after it. They didn’t tell me anything really beyond the results.

Hi Dear most of us in this forum either have AMA or ANA positive or both. It’s a marker for autoimmune disease that can have different classifications. I’m sure your doctor will look at other numbers in your blood test and will let you know. I’m on the same boat as you are except MRCP done now I have to get ERCP. Hang in there my friend!

AMA, ANA, and IGG4 are all antibodies that can help point diagnosis in the right direction. None of these (or any other antibody) are particularly reliable for PSC itself. 95% of people with PBC are positive to AMA. ANA can kinda, sort of, maybe, suggest there is an overlap with autoimmune hepatitis. IGG4 can point to a condition called IGG4 sclerosing cholangitis.

You can have positive AMA and still have PSC. The MRCP will be the better indicator of what is going on.