Airfryer: baked chips?

Living with PSC comes with a set of diet restrictions. One being low fat food and avoiding fried food totally. Has anyone tried cooking food with an Airfryer?

What does my PSC family think about the Airfryer …

We have the T-Fal Fryer which uses 1 tbsp oil for enough fries for 3 people, tastes excellent and I'm pretty fussy. I see the Phillips Airfryer uses zero oil, yet they say all foods (incl fries) prepared in it have 80% less fat. If no fat is added, I'm not sure why it wouldn't be practically zero fat as per a plain baked potato.

Maybe they are including fat content in the potatoes itself which technically should not be counted. Thanks for the update. I plan on buying the Phillips Airfryer. Will update on my experiment.