Advice about transplant evaluation

Hello, I should be receiving a call soon to schedule an appointment for a week-long transplant evaluation. Would anyone share any advice that they might have from their experience with this? With my physical limitations from my paraplegia, I am concerned about some of the physical aspects, especially. The hepatologist that we met with this past week suggested that I should be prepared for some resistance from a couple of the surgeons because of post-transplant “healing challenges” of a couple of paraplegic transplant recipients. One of my friends that was accompanying me asked what that meant exactly? The doctor replied that, “Well, they both died.”. I would have to agree that is a challenge to healing. lol… Anyway, I intend to be as strong and committed as possible going in, but would sure appreciate any feedback on the evaluation as well as immediately after transplant.

Thank you in advance,


Evaluation was not as bad as we thought. I think we were really intimidated by it and looking back it was nothing. They want to see a will to live. They want to see you have a support system and that mentally you’ll be ok with challenges.

I think the fact that you are a parapalegic shows how you overcome challenges. I think in another post I saw that you work out- that is critical. (And super awesome- go you!!)

They get you up moving quick after transplant.

Show them them how capable you are Doug!!! Show your passion to live!!

What a story to tell for a transplant center-that your a parapalegic transplant recipient and doing well!

Don’t let negativity in, even if they are!
you’ve got this!

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Thank you Mommymoses for your kind response. It is nice to hear from someone who has been through it!

Will to live…check!
Able to deal with challenges…check!
As strong as I can be…check!
Positively unwilling to back down…check!

Thank you VERY much!

Doug, my evaluation involved an mri, chest xray, oxygen test, stress test, bone density test. Maybe another one. It was somewhat a tiring chore, but overall it was not nearly as bad (or invasive) as it I was expecting.

Thank you for your comments, Jeff. It sounds a little intimidating to me, but I suspect that is part of the deal. If you are going to be scared off by that, might as well not waste the time and money.

I am probably more concerned with the recovery period, and my challenged mobility. I have enough leg strength to be able to stand and walk with crutches and leg braces, and I can ride a recumbent exercise bike, so there might be hope there? As my friend has reminded me, many people have challenges with their mobility for many reasons.

I appreciate the response!