14 Year Old Son Dx'ed Today with PSC

Thanks to everyone who helped me yesterday. My 14 year old son was Dx’ed with PSC today with possible overlap of Autoimmune Hepatitis. Dr sending us for a second opinion.

http://www.childrenspsc.org. Look up “the children” In the navigation bar. Some great success stories with vanc. You are not alone :slight_smile:

I looked with those search terms and I didn’t see anything encouraging. I am wondering what I am missing. The doc said every bile duct inside and outside is diseased. We are planning two vacations at this point- to visit his two dream destinations before he gets sicker. If you could point me in the direction if the encouraging stories I would sure appreciate it.




Note that vancomycin is not a cure, but it may prolong his liver until another treatment is found.

The initial shock is devastating. (I was formally diagnosed last week) a week later, I feel way better, I am an active informed patient that will persue every avenue to give my self the best treatment available. With confidence comes security.

The original Vanco kids are now 10+ years on the treatment with no sign of disease progression. It isn't a cure, but in many cases can unwind the existing damage and keep PSC in full remission as long as treatment is maintained.


MrTwissel said:

Thank you for posting those! I am looking into that!