Working out

So with fatigue and stuff I ask who here maintains a daily or weekly workout to stay in shape? I’m a fairly thin in shape young man so I don’t work out. Just curious of who works out.

My fiance has a hard time in this area. His is a thin guy by nature, has always been active working out/weight lifting throughout the week and at one point P90X and bike riding a few miles daily. Then he began having joint pains and took it easy for a bit, weight lifting twice a week or so. Lately though he has stopped working out all together and has been losing weight, has little energy and has been having muscle aches. We are somewhat in a stand still as far as working out or doing any strenuous activities. I know he is drained by the end of the day with work, but I do see him pushing himself to do push ups in the evening. When he has a day he is feeling well he'll do a light weight lifting to maintain muscle. I will ask him specifically what he does if you'd like. Do push yourself to stay somewhat active if possible. Best of luck. -A