Why I love Ben’s Friends – The Ben’s Friends Spirit

Ben’s Friends is no ordinary support community, I can say. It is almost a year since I joined in and just this August, I met a friend whom I never thought is also a member of Ben’s Friends. Her name is Cherry Mae Sobredo, a member of the AVM Support Network. (http://www.avmsurvivors.org/profile/CherieMaeTumulakSobredo?xg_source=profiles_memberList).

She is a licensed architect and is currently taking up a Juris Doctor Degree in Silliman University (Philippines). Being on the same college gives Cherry and I more chance to get together, especially after class. Group studying and dining out are just few of the favorite diversions in class where we usually go together.

I’ve gotten to know Cherry during our first dine out with classmates, when we shared our past experiences. Just as Cherry mentioned her experience with AVM, the first thing that occurred in my mind is Ben’s Friends. Surprisingly, we both know it very well.

This makes me realize that Ben’s Friends is not just another support group that exists in the Internet. It extends its warmest comfort to the outside world, where members share common sentiments: sympathy, comfort, and care. For me, this is what you call the Ben’s Friends spirit. Most of all, it is not just a place where people with rare diseases can vent and seek support. Ben’s Friends is a foundation of friendship, a chain that can never be broken. Members of Ben’s Friends are not just friends online but are also friends in real lives.

As you read this blog, I know that there are a lot more reasons in your mind why you love Ben’s Friends. If you feel the same way as I do, I encourage you to share your story about why you love Ben’s Friends and show to the world how Ben’s Friends change your lives.
I hope I have ignited a light in your heart today.