What I could find out about all that itching!

One of the things that I have wondered about is why my itching was not as big of a deal for me. Here is what I have found out.

Itching from PSC is called Cholestatic Pruritus caused by the slowing or stopping of bile flow from liver disease.

If you think about it, the major organs used to eliminate toxins are the liver, kidneys and skin - skin is actually the largest one.

When the liver gets clogged up, bile acids and bilirubin are released into the blood stream and deposited into the skin causing the itching. (From my days as a youth addictions counsellor, this is like the effects of Meth and other drugs that come out of the pores and cause severe itching).

The amount of itching does not always correspond with higher bilirubin though. They are not clear exactly which bile acids are the causeā€¦ In fact, as the liver cells shut down, there is no production of bile acids and the itching can be much less in later stages even though bilirubin is much higher. (This was my case as the onset of my PSC was quick and severe)

So - Maybe skin cleanses like hot itchy baths with a loofa, other things that cause mild sweating and then a nice cool shower? Also to watch the skin products and go toxin free. When I had mild itching, bath with Epsom salts, a little ginger and a loofa worked for me, but my itching was mild.

Hope this is helpful!


Dear Ruby,

Thank you for posting this. So far my Princess has been lucky and has not experienced the "itching" as such, but she is always asked by her Liver Specialist. She does like me to give her massages as often as possible and I use coconut oil for those. I too keep away from toxic products where she is concerned. I use to do it on a nightly basis, but sometimes I get lazy...

Kind regards,

PrincessD's Mum

I have had quite a problem with itching. Mine is worse when my phosphorous level gets too high. Look up blood phosphorous, and have it checked. If it's high, stay away from the foods that are high in it. Elavil (prescription) helps with both the itching and sleeplessness.

Cholestyramine helps bind the bile salts, reducing itching, but it tastes like wall paper paste. Hang in there and try to stay healthy.