What Have You Done for Fun Lately? (from my good friend SK)

This is one ingredient of living that we don't want to leave out! No matter what, we need to always have some fun times, they are simply good for our soul!

So tell us, what have you done for fun?

Not counting my normal weekends hanging with the family... I had a night out for my birthday last month. A few drinks + a bunch of girls = a very silly, giggly and fun night out! (",) The first proper night out in a year.. I wish I could do it more often! :-)

I read lots of interesting books both fiction and about science..

I only scan the headlines in newspapers and avoid TV news.

Fortunately I learned to play keyboards a long time ago.

My little dog gives me good company.


Tennis is something I love to play and have a blast while playing-right now we are in between seasons. bummer

I love watching British Premier soccer (football) games. Those are a real treat.

This will sound strange, but it is sometimes fun taking a nap on a weekend day when the weather is crappy, and I have a cat on my thighs, and one on my chest. That can be the best use of an afternoon.

Jeff, I have three cats, so I know just what you are talking about there. :)

Adrian -- keyboards. That sounds fun. Classical? Jazz?

Priya, I'm glad you had a ladies' night out.

Hi Dancermom,

Congratulations for your splendid idea to post something about fun and occasional pieces of happiness. Our disease is bad enough, but life is better nevertheless.

I tend to have a real good time when …

--- I can chat and joke with good neighbours.

… I haven’t had any tommy-ache for some time.

… I had an enjoyable evening with friends.

… I had a good night’s sleep and woke up without being tired,

… I see the lights of the city in the evening and their reflections on the water

… we had a nice walk on Sundays (much shorter than years ago) and sit down for good coffee and self-made cake with the odor of baking still in the room

--- old friends call in and we can share memories

Looking at this list I must say: it’s the little thing that satisfies me and makes me happy!

At present I hope to have an enjoyable Advent season and a peaceful Christmas time. Even with everything feeling somewhat retarded — slower action, shorter walks, more cautious eating — life is still often quite wonderful!

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas. May the next year be not worse than this year.


What a terrific post, Rippi. I love city lights, too. And reflections on still water -- I had no idea how fascinating those could be until I came to the Netherlands. Happy holidays to you, too.

Hi everyone! I enjoy a hike or a bike ride, as well as being lazy watching movies. Oh and eating is always fun, especially with others. If I’m really bummed out and need to brighten my mood, I’ll put on my favorite uplifting songs and have a dance party with myself!

What are your favorite songs, Colin? And what kind of movies do you like to watch?

Let’s see. For songs that make me really happy, I love “Oh What A Night (Late Dec 1963)” by The Four Seasons. There is also a French hip hop version of the song that I adore.

I tend to go to the movie theater about every week. It’s tough to find good films at certain points in the year, but I live in a big city so there are lots of revivals of classics as well as independent movies.

Of course, reminding me of that song just made me have to go play it, Colin. I loved the 70s version when I was young. Got a link to the French hiphop version on youtuube? I can't quite envision it.

Here you are: