Interesting…anybody here had any experience with Statins?

Extremely interesting study that supports my experience with statins. Brief view of my story: I had a campylobacter GI infection in 2019 and my LFTs spiked to 6x ULN. Oral meds wouldn’t fully relieve my symptoms and colonoscopy ultimately confirmed I had UC. I was eventually started on Entyvio infusions. GI symptoms resolved but my LFTs remained 2-3x ULN so my local GI was suspicious of PSC. MRI was negative and liver biopsy was negative. Enzymes stayed up… I got a second opinion from a hepatologist at Mount Sinai in NYC. His pathologist reviewed my biopsy slides and they diagnosed me with small duct PSC.
Despite never having a traditional symptom of PSC, I was started on ursodiol 1200 daily in hopes of slowing progression. Still, LFTs were elevated 1.5-2x ULN. Annual MRIs have thankfully demonstrated no progression.
Throughout this time, my cholesterol was in the 225-250 range despite having a relatively healthy diet, exercising, meditating, breathwork, etc. i was started on Crestor 10mg last year and for the first time in four years…all my LFTs normalized.
I tend to think it’s a combination of good gut health, healthy lifestyle, stress reduction and the right meds. At least it’s what has worked for me.

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Worth mentioning is that this isn’t really a study of the effects of statins on PSC, it’s simply a correlation of outcomes for IBD patients who’ve taken or not taken statins over a period of 4 years after IBD diagnosis. Correlation =/= causation. Also worth mentioning is that there’s serious side effects to consider (statins arn’t really intended to be used by people living healthy lifestyles).

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