Spleen and kidney cysts

My son just had a mrcp done and the dr mentioned that he has a cyst on his kidney. Apparently this cust was thete when he had a mrcp done in 2012 but was never mentioned. I was told this was common but he does want my son to be seen by a kidney specialist. Also my son has had severe pain in his left shoulder for about 6 months. He did hurt it in 2012 but it really hasnt hurt him until 6 months ago. His gp sent him to therapy which was done for a few weeks until the therapist decided to stop because there was no improvement in the range of montion or pain. He was sent for xrays on the should which came back normal, he is also being sent to an orthopedic surgeon. I have just received a letter with the results of mrcp. Listed is the progression of psc which we knew was progressing, but it also listed that the kidney cyst was a little more enlarged than in 2012. Also listed was that there is a cyst on his spleen. The dr never mentioned this when he called so i got online to try to find some information, one of the symptoms i found was left Shoulder pain. My son says when his shoulder hurts it goes doen his left side under his ribs. Has anyone else had this or can give me some information? We are already overwhelmed with the psc and crohns. Since the dr didnt mention the spleen cyst makes me think hes not concerned, but kidney cyst wasn’t originally mentioned now there is some concern from the drs. As a mother all of this is concerning and i need to know what to do. Thanks for any help. Its greatly appreciated.