Shortness of Breath

My husband has been having days where he is short of breath with just doing minor daily activities. Is this something that is normal in the early stages of PSC? He has the fatigue and itching, and is off on FMLA until January 18, 2015. .

I found the Sarna lotion for him to try and some days it helps the itching and other days it doesn't help so much. It's so hard to see him so itchy, getting those red bumps, and seeing how miserable he is. Does the itching get worse as the disease progresses?

I am no expert on psc, but that seems like a symptom I have not heard about. Does he have anything else occurring?

The itching will vary person to person and there are other things, including some prescriptions, that have helped people.

I love CeraVe lotion.

Hi, I also experience shortness of breath and was wondering if anyone else does. It often happens after eating and I wonder if its because produce more bile after food? Exercise definitely helps. I have PSC, no gallbladder and feel good most of the time. Thanks, Emma

I would suggest testing oxygen saturation level. I experienced shortness of breath and fatigue when I was pre-transplant. After transplant I was diagnosed with something called hepatopulmonary syndrome, in which the diseased liver causes poor oxygen exchange in the lungs. Talk to your doc and/or get a simple fingertip pulse oximeter to see if you are dropping below about 95% saturation.