Share your glimmer of light!

Trying to forget 2020? Oh yes, same here. But DON’T forget that there were some good things that happened to us this year too! Let’s put our heads together and come up with a list of small but good things to make us smile as 2020 passes – thank goodness – into history.

What was your small but good thing this year? Do tell! It will do everyone good to see some points of light!

Sharon from Modsupport learned to make masks. (Who would have thought that would ever be a good thing?). Seenie got into sourdough bread baking, and she’s got the waistline to prove it. TJ made his sister very happy by doing some home improvements for her.

Share your little glimmer on a reply below.

From all of us, warm wishes to you and yours in the coming year and always.

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This is my first post. and very new to PSC! I am 61 and diagnosed in November after an ERCP and hopefully a misdiagnosis of bile duct cancer. Going back for new biopsies in a few weeks… They will be sending them off to Mayo for analysis. I guess the positive for me is that all my blood work is normal, even the CA19 for cancer markers are normal. There is no sign of liver damage and I actually feel great at this point. I do have days that I am a little more tired than usual, but staying active as I can. Thank you for this group and happy new year everyone!


I am thankful that as my wife and I have worked almost solely from home since March, we have done so without killing each other. I think it has brought us closer.

With the extra time I have with no commute, I have gotten back into what used to be my favorite hobby-building plastic models. It is one of the few things I can do and lost all track of time. Love it!


2020 was a hard year. But a year that ended with me giving a second chance at life with the gift of a new liver on December 17th. Each day was harder leading to the 17th but since that day everyday has gotten easier.

I started 2021 today by walking 29 minutes straight outside. This is the first of many victories for me in 2021.

Keep the hope, the drive and the determination that has gotten us all this far and that will propel us all through 2021.

Gracious and humbled.



Tough year indeed. Taking care of COVID patients through the holidays, thankfully (I suppose) had me in the right location to experience my first esophageal variceal bleed, and some timely banding saved my life. Starting 2021 off with a transplant evaluation. Also took care of some PSC patients myself in the hospital which was at times too much for me.

Moved in with my partner and my dog, though after many years a continent a way, and a supportive family makes the future less gloomy.


Covid has been very sad and I feel for all who have lost someone or have gotten it themselves. Our year was extremely blessed. My husband received a liver transplant due to PSC. He received it this last July and is doing so well. Prayers out to covid victims.


A glimmer of light? Getting a liver transplant is like fireworks! I’m so glad for your husband and your entire family! Wishing all of you good health and happiness.

Seenie from ModSupport

That is for sure. The biggest blessing ever. We are forever grateful.

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