RUQ pain and fever

I was told in 2001 about my PSC but I have had very little problems. A year ago I came down with an out of the blue fever of 104. Went on antibiotics, cleared it up and never thought about it again. Now a year later, it has happened again. Landed me in the hospital for several days and had to place a stent. Temp was 103. My doc said that what he found with ERCP should not have made me that sick. He said the damage to my bike ducts still doesn’t appear to advanced a great deal. Antibiotics, all better and on with life or so I thought. I have had 2 incidents of unexplained fevers in the past few weeks. Today my temp is ok but was high all weekend. The RUQ pain is so bad that I can’t hardly bend over or lie on my side. Nausea is terrible. Called my doc’s office and waiting to hear back.
I just wondered if any of you experienced anything like this. I don’t do well with mysteries. I would like to know exactly what the problem is. :slight_smile: