PSC + Osteoporosis

I just got diagnosed with osteoporosis. I was asked by my doctor to take reclast by IV. I 'm a bit scared to go this route. Has anyone tried this medicine and how does it work?

I have been taking Oscal for calcium supplement for last 11 years. Found out Calcium carbonate is not a good source. Switched to Calcium citrate two weeks ago. NOw my doctor says i am losing bone at a faster pace.

Please inform on your experience

I have had two bone density tests, and was ok on both.

Every evening, I try to have a big glass of non-fat milk.

But I do not know anything about calcium supplements, so I can't help you there.


What is your vitamin D level? How much vitamin D are you supplementing each day?

I take about 4000 iu per day of vit D.

Is vit D still low in your blood tests?

Its normal these days