PSC diagnosis

I have read a lot of posts. I have seen it many times where people have normal LFTs and are diagnosed with PSC. I gave up at the VA as far as trying to see a hepatoligist. I havent gotten sick in over a year. I am currently waiting till I get sick again to talk to the people at the VA about this again. They dont believe me about my symptoms cause all tests are normal. Anyway… Back to the topic. What lead them to your diagnosis with LFTs being normal? I am still trying to navigate the medicare/medicade route. It is proving difficult.

Let me clarify. I havent gotten sick enough to have to go back into the hospital. Also, my question is more what led them to do the tests required to diagnose PSC, or anything else for that matter, with LFTs normal.

Mostly abnormal LFT leads to further tests like MRI or biopsy to ruling out PSC …but i have not heard that anyone been diagnosed without any symptoms and with normal LFTS

Hi,you talk about wen you get sick again. That is how psc is with some of us.In the aftermath of an attack I had a blood test let’s off the scale.By time I get to hospital I’m OK. But I had mri which showed my liver was bad

Hi Tsohg,
it took about 50 years to diagnose my small duct PSC. I had attacks about every 8 to15 years with LFT’s shooting high. Before the medics could find anything values went down to normal (within 10 to 14 days). Diagnose finally came when one out of many biopsies showed the typical pattern.