PSC and Covid treatment with Ivermectin

Hi everyone,

I’m Vito from Italy and I hope to find here some information where
my liver specialist in Italy is at his wits’ end.

Please, don’t start a fundamental discussion about ivermectin
used against Covid. I accept if you consider it “not usefull” but
please accept if I believe in the treatment protocol of the FLCCC

Ivermectin has been used about 4bn times as antihelmintic, against scabies etc.
but - as far as I know - in lower concentration (or for fewer days) as is proposed
with Covid-19. Concerning the side effects (e.g. Stromectol little did I find regarding the liver.

In the WJG (12/2020, Challenges in COVID-19 drug treatment in patients with advanced liver diseases: A hepatology perspective ) the effects are described as " Ivermectin is usually well tolerated, with mild and self-limited hepatic injury if rarely happening, acute or chronic liver dysfunction are not linked with ivermectin." but based on an old publication from 2006.

Does anybody have more (recent) information about ivermectin and side effects with autoimmune liver diseases, especially PSC?