Pins and needles post transplant

Before the transplant I was suffering from itching, which would usually start in the evening or at night. It was proper itching - I had to scratch. Roughly at the beginning on 2018 my itching became heat-induced pins and needles. Whenever I got too hot either from room temperature, exercise, stress or anger I would have pins and needles all over my body that would resolve once I cooled down. I attributed it to progressing PSC and hoped a transplant would resolve it.
When I woke up from the transplant and asked to be lifted from the bed because my spine was killing me, I had pins and needles in my back. When I told nurses about it, I was told that was normal after the transplant and that it would pass. Five weeks post transplant and pins and needles are still here and even worse. Whenever I go in the sun, enter a hot room or get stressed or angry, I start to have severe pins and needles all over my body. No medication helps. My LFT’s are normal, liver USG came back normal - a healthy liver.

From my research, it fits the description of heat hives without any skin manifestations. Has anyone experienced something similar? What did you do about it? I would be grateful for any help.

No clue, Kamil. Itching with psc is almost the norm. Not sure about what you are describing.

I know especially in the winter, if I’m in a store or place and I get too hot that I will have that feeling over my body but once I get outside in the cold or into a cool room things will settle down. I’d definitely speak with your transplant doctor. He/she may want you to speak with a neurologist. I hope you find some answers.


My symptoms fit the description of cholinergic urticaria - pins and needles occur in situations when the normal reaction is to sweat. However, I do not have any skin manifestations: no rash, no blisters, redness, nothing. It has started this year. Last year I had proper PSC-type-of itching that would occur in the evening or at night and I had to scratch. It wasn’t heat-induced though.

I will have it investigated. I’m just worried that I may be a symptom of another disease :confused:

I totally know what you are talking about I have those same symptoms and get worse get take some type of anti inflammatory as ketoprofen. The bad part is that I don’t know what actually generate those symptoms.

Hey Kamil please write a private message or give me a way to communicate with you about a terapy that improve this symptom