Phone numbers for Dr. Cox (or Lindor)

My local gastro, who is monitoring my blood work for me while I’m on Vancomycin, is happy to call Dr. Cox or Lindor to discuss my case. Can people advise me as to which doctor working with adults and Vancomycin she should call and email me a phone number or their email? (What is the best way for us to communicate with Dr. Cox?)
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PS After no change in blood work or symptoms after two months my dose of VO has now been raised by me telling my doctors to do this, to 750 mg 3 times a day. It would really be great to not have to be my own doctor in a realm of which I am not skilled or educated :slight_smile:

My email is ■■■■


Email doesn’t seem to have worked. How come?

Regarding email addresses, this forum strips them out for privacy sake. If you still wish to share your address, it would be better to send this person a private message, however you will still have to format the email address in such a way so it doesn’t get stripped out. You are basically changing the @ symbol to (at) and then the person receiving your message will change it back in their email program to send.

Example - johndoe(at)

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Susan, you can send me a private message. Daniela

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Thank you much, Mark.

Sent you a private message. Hope it worked. Sent my email as Mark instructed.

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My local gastro tried to call Dr. Cox today but he has changed hospitals from Stanford to California Pacific. Would he still be the best doctor to call? Is he still leading or involved with the current ongoing Vancomycin study?

Dr. Cox has the most experience with the treatment and he is still involved with the ongoing trial.

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Thank you much, jtb.