Pentasa cost

Hi, Wondering if those that take Pentasa have found any discounts? What are you paying? It’s so expensive! We take 3x250 mg tabs - 2x day. Monthly cost=$500. We have high deductible insurance so we pay that until reach deductible. thanks.

I had the same issue…insurance is ridiculous.
They said that my son had to “fail on two other meds” before they would pay for it!
He has been on it for over ten years!!!
Soooo crazy!!!
This is a link to the manufacturer.

Fill out the form and they will send you a years worth in the mail! It’s pretty self explanatory, but
if you have any questions, just shoot me an email!

I think the best bet for you is just to skip insurance and use GoodRx coupons instead. You’ll probably get 70-80% off with GoodRx. Also, you don’t need to buy Pentasa (as it’s a more expensive brand name drug), you can buy generics instead.