New Dr. appointment

Friday I had another doctor's appointment. I had a colonoscopy last March, and I am now diagnosed with PSC and Ulcerative Colitis. The doc prescribed Mesalamine (Lialda) at 1.2 gmX2/day, or 2.4 gm/day. Either way the drug side effects say Liver failure and to not take if you have liver problems as it is a salisylic acid (asprin) based medication.

Curious if anyone has had experience with this medication and what their side effects were. Of course everyone is different, especially me, as I have never had a side effect from anything that has happened internally other than jaundice at the onset of all this 8 years ago.

On top of that, the doc said that likely within 5-7 years I will have to have some sort of surgery if things don't improve, and the likeliehood of colon cancer is a very real possibility. To hold that off, they prescribed these meds. Like again, I am a science experiment.

I would much rather get better, instead of 'trying some other med' and if anyone has any holistic approaches, I am all ears.

People with PSC and PSC/UC do not always respond to the normal UC meds. Ask your doc about oral vancomycin.

Yeah I can comment! I responded a bit on an earlier blog. Nothing to spew now. Cheers mate. Deb

You know actually I told you my hx - blah, blah,blah - it is long and complicated. I wanted to say I use mesalamine enemas when I have pouchitis. That is inflammation of the J pouch (made from small intestine to mimic large intestine as being a reservoir when they remove colon - mine from ulcerative colitis). I have never heard them prescribed for PSC. It is inevitable that you will take drugs that are supposed to be mad for liver. It is a given and can not be helped. Especially as your liver gets more diseased and there are more hospitalizations and complications and these drugs are required. Mesalamine eases my pouchitis so well I could not say no to it.