MRI оr CT?

Hi everybody!
I am from Netherlands and new here. Happy to find your support here.May be someone can give me advice, what is better for to diagnose PSC MRI or CT scan? I would like to do it in private cliniqe, while i waiting for biopsy,
Thank you in advance!

Hi Belgium22,
Welcome to the group. I would say in my experience that MRCP with and without contrast is the best option between the two. And to clarify, MRCP is an MRI of the liver and other vital organs in the abdominal region. I hope this helps.


Thank you, Mark, for quick reply. This is exactly what i need to know.

Hello everybody! While i still have to wait for another 4,5 weeks for biopcy, i decided to do MRCP of the liver at private clinique.
I got results today and they dont see any trace that can point at PSC.( but my doctor, is almost sure in this diagnose, according my blood results). The only thing that they found it is a cyst of 10 mm in my liver. But doctor at MRCP sure, that it can not be reason of so hight blood result.
Last 5 days i also was taking medicine Heptral( italy) and it low my Alt from 115 to 60, Ast from 100 to 45. Ggt from 450 to 407, ALP still freeze on 300.
So , actually it still nothing is clear , only on the top of everything i also have a cyst)).

That has to be aggravating.