MRI Questions!

Hi Everyone.

I had my yearly MRI on Monday and these are the results:

LIVER/BILIARY SYSTEM: No hepatomegaly. No steatosis. No morphologic features of cirrhosis. No concerning focal lesion. Tiny focus of T2 hyperintensity in segment 6 (axial series 4 image 20) shows arterial hyperenhancement, likely small hemangioma.
Multifocal intrahepatic biliary dilatation more prominent in the left lobe and segment 5, comparable to prior. No discrete focal segmental dilatation, mural thickening or periductal mass.

  • There is a focal area of decreased enhancement measuring 12 mm seen only on the portal venous phase images in segment 4 (axial series 18 image 39). There is no arterial hyperenhancement. No abnormal signal or diffusion restriction is seen on any other sequences.

Nonspecific focal area of decreased enhancement identified in segment 4 which does not have correlate on any other imaging sequences, favoured to be benign perfusional abnormality. This can be reassessed at follow-up imaging. Stable appearance of multifocal ductal structuring in keeping with known primary sclerosing cholangitis.

Anything I should be worried about? I know my doctor will call if she needs to see me before my appointment in May, but I’d like to get your opinions too :slight_smile:

Your doc would be the best one to try and translate that into English.