MR Elastography range?


MR Elastography doesn’t seem like a standard procedure and some doctors prefer it while others don’t. We are struggling to get a proper diagnosis for my son as he is not responding well to the diagnosis for the past 3 years. We just did an MR Elastography this week, while the mean value is NOT that high but we are seeing several patches of increased >4.4x Fibrosis level.

Is this test performed for you and how were the levels during diagnosis and during your journey? We are currently on 3x500mg ANI vanco for more than 18+ months and urso for the past 8 months. LFT’s are not normal yet but getting closer to normal range but GGT still high around 130-150+.

We are puzzled and so are the several doctors we have seen in the past couple of years.

Mean liver stiffness: 2.86 kPa
Range: 2.36-4.41 kPa

Interpretation of MRE results:
<2.5kPa = Normal
2.5 to 3.0 kPa = Normal or inflammation

Increased liver stiffness under appropriate clinical and laboratory findings is compatible with liver fibrosis as below:
3.0 to 3.5 kPa = Stage 1-2 fibrosis
3.5 to 4 kPa = Stage 2-3 fibrosis
4 to 5 kPa = Stage 3-4 fibrosis
5 kPa = Stage 4 fibrosis

No clue on an elasography.

Hi. The doctor told us that a liver biopsy was the safest. we never had elastography. The daughter has a PSC / AIH confirm from biopsy, and is taking prednisone + azatrophin. after 2 months, its LTFs are completely normal. I’m still giving her silymarin

Hi, my 6 year old son just had an elastography (a year after PSC diagnosis). The results look good (below) but wondering if anyone has any thoughts?

FINDINGS: Shear wave elastography of the liver reveals an average
tissue stiffness of 1.70 kPa, below the usual normal adult range for
an F0 classification (2.0-4.5 kPa). Maximum tissue stiffness is 3.78
kPa consistent with a Metavir score of F0.