The medication for the control of primary sclerosing cholangitis and ulcerative colitis disrupts the sexual development of young adolescents?

Que foto linda amiga, como vcs estão lindosssss. Em relação a sua pergunta, andei me informando com um colega portador e segundo ele a medicação não prejudica em nada o desenvolvimento sexual. segundo o relato dele. Bjs até mais.

In some cases.

Please Alexandre, you know what are the cases?

Well I believe that predisone was affecting my sexual development and also had affected my mental well being at a point in time.

Does not psychological?

Yes, I believe it did as well affect me psychologically. For most of my life I was on even a maintenance dose of 5mg, and as soon as I had decided to review my liver tests as well as my UC I was given the ok to be taken off.

Yes! I feel prednisone effects some aspect of your sexual being, unsure of it being developmental stage though. My fiancé rarely has an appetite sexually, maybe once a month (is that TMI??). At first I had a hard time with this as I’m a vibrant 27 year old woman, very much attracted to him. We’ve spent many hours on this subject, researching, speaking to his doctor and trying testosterone enhancements and aphrodisiacs (natural of course). I’ve come to accept, as has he, that his medications have and will continue to effect our sex life. Happy I have him though! That’s good enough for me.