Low dose doxepin for PSC itch

Has anyone taken Low dose 10-20mg Doxepin for itch relief? Did it give you relief and help you sleep?

I would not recommend an anti-depressant for itch relief. I was prescribed Zoloft once and it messed with my mind. I would recommend Rifampin if you haven’t tried that. I was prescribed 300 mg twice a day. It was the only thing that brought me relief from the PSC itching. Good luck.


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The recent PSC for a Cure conference in Sacramento says low dose Doxepin 10-20mg is promising for itch relief


Keep in mind that anti-depressants were designed for a completely different chemical issue in the brain. This is not to say there aren’t off-label uses for them – however, if you aren’t depressed and you add an anti-depression medication to your body you’re opening yourself up to potentially strange (“mess with my mind”) and even harmful (new sucidial thoughts) side affects.

I would suggest running through everything out there designed for itch relief before turning to an off lable use.


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I completely agree with Azurelle’s observations. You have enough to deal with with liver disease, let’s not add anything else that has potential bad side-effects.


Thank you for sharing this presentation I enjoyed watching it and asking about itching I’m interested to learn.

Nothing helps. I’ve tried it all. I’m miserable. Sorry

Mometosone, a prescription steroid cream, worked well for me for localized itching.

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Anti-depressant could be an option. There is nothing wrong about it. Many chronic symptoms could be exacerbated by stress and many other psychological factors. For example, anti-depressant is quite commonly used in chronic pain patients. But you’d better make sure your doctor has some experience with this type of medication. Close monitoring is necessary, especially initially.

Rifampin and Hydroxazine were the answer for my itching.

My severe itch lasted for several years and I got limited relief from cholestyramine and light treatments. Then I went to a licensed acupuncturist who had a degree in traditional Chinese medicine. My itching stopped after 5 or 6 treatments. I continued with acupunture periodically and remained itch-free. Today, about five years after stopping treatment the itch has never returned. My doctor insists it is just placebo effect. I don’t know why it worked but it did.