Liver biopsy pain

I had a liver biopsy done last Wednesday, I am having lots of pain still. URQ cramping but I have no fever. This is my second biopsy the discomfort never lasted this long. Is this normal.

No fever, a little bloated but nothing else going on

Please advise

I had one and had soreness for about a week. If there are no other symptoms you should be ok!

I've had the procedure done twice and afterwards felt just a slight discomfort for a couple of days. I suggest you phone up your doctor.

Extreme pain isn't *normal* but it can happen and doesn't necessarily mean that there is anything wrong. I've had debilitating pain that persisted for three weeks after a biopsy and my doctor wasn't concerned. That said, it wouldn't hurt to check in with the doctor and see what they think.

Rule out infection by calling your doctor and reporting your symptoms.

My husband was pretty uncomfortable for quite a few days if I remember right, but I agree with the consensus: let doc know - especially since you are concerned.

I've had two biopsy's and one just two weeks ago. The pain would crawl up and over my shoulder and down beneath my shoulder blade. The pain would last off and on for upwards to two weeks. After the initial first days of pain meds I just take two Aleve tablets two times a day to keep things under control.

I’ve had two liver biopsies. The second one was painful. They took three biopsies with this one. I have refused further biopsies as MRIs give much more information. After liver biopsies, pain usually radiates in the shoulders. I had a niece who had a liver disease. While waiting for a transplant she had a biopsy done and they punctured her bowel. She got a bad infection, and because she was so sick they couldn’t get the infection under control and she died. For this reason I refuse biopsies and go with MRI’s. quite frequently liver biopsies are inconclusive because the disease has not advanced far enough for the liver to show any thing. I just had my six month MRI and there was very little change. So I am thinking my PSC is slow progressing. I have fallen three times since August and broken three bones. I’m not sure what is going on there. I haven’t fallen in many, many years. I wonder if others have had this problem. Or might balance be a part of PSC?

My first one I had horrific pain afterwards, began vomiting, and became jaundice. I was admitted in the hospital for 5 days and no one could tell me why.