Join our Team of Awesome Volunteers!

As you probably know, your wonderful community, Living With PSC, is run by volunteers.

Because of fellow rare disease patients, their friends and family, who donate some of their time, we have safe and supportive space.

But so much still needs to be done such as

  • finding more individuals who could benefit from our site
  • better educating our members
  • and of course, ensuring that our community continues to be here for us

Would you like to join our team of wonderful volunteers who makes these things possible?

We’re hoping to gather a group of members with a variety of skills and talents who we can call on “just in case”.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for whatever you do well:

  • Write promotional materials
  • Organize or run fundraisers
  • Act as a medical resource person
  • Create music
  • Email organizations to promote Ben’s Friends
  • Organize or make instructional or promotional videos
  • Create designs for use on our sites
  • Provide a legal opinion if necessary
  • Make a slick lesson for our online classroom

What’s your superpower? :slight_smile:

Let us know, kindly fill up a form by clicking this link.