I have just been recently diagnosed but it looks like I have had this since 2007. It was the first time I was hospitalized with extremely high Alk. It took till now and 3 hospitalizations later for someone to figure this out. But what I have been reading itchiness goes hand in hand with PCS. I don't remember being itchy in the way everyone seems to talk about. Does itchiness always goes along with this?

I experience the itching more when my bilirubin levels are high. Mainly, the itching occurs at night. I take benedryl to help and I also keep my bedroom an ice box. These seem to help.


there are a lot of symptoms that go along w/ PSC.. some will have more than others.. the odd thing about this condition is not only it's rare.. but it's unpredictable... I do have itching, sometimes its been really bad... Like Jennifer D. Howard mine normally comes at night.. I take a Zyrtec at night along w/ hydroxyzine which was prescribed by my doctor.. it helps some.. but I also oil myself down really well with a mixture of Coconut oil, Olive Oil, & few drops of tea tree oil..this really helps but my itching is from my bilirubin levels being high as well .....