Intrajuglar liver biopsy?

Has anyone had to go through this? I had a different type of liver biopsy and wanted to know how anyone felt afterwards. My new Hepatologist just requested it- apparently the LFTs rose again, because I was not supposed to have a biopsy unless they rose above the ones from October. (I think, since I did the test just Tuesday and, although I dont know the results, that’s a valid assumption given the appointment)

Sounds interesting.

Transjugular liver biopsy was first described in 1967 and is now an accepted method of liver biopsy when the percutaneous technique is contraindicated.

That’s copied from internet. It’s a procedure they put everything through your neck and reach liver through your vein system. You may have some underlying medical situations so doctor can’t do percutaneous biopsy or too risky for them to do that. You will be sedated for this procedure, or even be put under anesthesia.