Intense pain in my teeth and gums

Never had this before. Does anyone have any idea if it is related to PSC? It began tonight out of the blue.
I was about to reach for Oxycontin – that’s how intense the pain – when a friend reminded me of dental swishing. Swishing with coconut oil has helped considerably but in case it comes back, I’d like to know what I might be dealing with.
Thanks much,

Just for clarification, are you having teeth and gum pain or liver related RUQ pain?


It was teeth and gums, Mark. Better today though so no need to post if you haven’t yet. Thanks much. I’ve no idea what it was but I hope it isn’t something that happens to us in any regular way.
Best of care,

Yes. It’s an abscess. Began antibiotics last night and saw dentist this morning.
It was only how it first presented which was extremely unusual: excruciating pain in whole mouth - gums and all teeth.