Hello 👋

Hi, I’ve read discussions on here over the past few years (usually in the middle of the night) so decided it is time I should join.

I’ve had U.C for 15 years now & was diagnosed with PSC in 2010 but I didn’t have any symptoms till March 2015.

I’m lucky to have 2 healthy children but did have a had time while pregnant I developed cholestasis of pregnancy right from the 1st month (It cuses the horrible itch too) then preeclampsia in the last few months.

I think I’m pretty early in the progression of my PSC but would like to support other users where I can & get advice too. :grin:

Thanks for joining. It is tough to have one of these diagnoses, but having to deal with two is worse. Sorry your symptoms are rising.

There are a lot of people here who also have UC, so you’re in good company.


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