Heard from specialist

specialist phoned to do preliminary interview. I asked about vanco and she said she does't like using it long term. she is going to put me on urso. anyone had success with this?

i have been taking urso for 3 years now ,,i found no side effects and i did find it helped me with the triedness ,,it takes a few weeks to months to notice this though,,it is suppose to help the bile flow better thru all the inflamation in the bile ducts,,,what were the doctors concerns in long term use of vanco????

Said we want to save it in case I get infection not responding to other antibiotics.

I took Urso for 6 months and I am apparently one of the few people it made itch worse. After stopping it my itching became more manageable and my blood test numbers were unaffected (actually got better over time but I suspect unrelated to the Urso).

What my specialist told me was that Urso makes your numbers appear better but it does nothing to change the underlying condition. However it helps you with the itching then I'd take it...