Headed for consult

Hi everyone. I’ve been diagnosed with psc for about 14 years and I also have crohn’s. My crohn’s has been very mild and the psc asymtomatic for all that time until this past fall. Recently I had a mrcp that shows the psc has progressed. Now my gastro is sending me to the regional center in Denver for a consult. What should I expect? I’ve done a lot of reading but have no real idea of what’s happening. I’m hoping for some insight from the more experienced folks.

Hello YVazq,

Did you have your consult at Denver regional center yet? How did it go? What should you expect? Every doctor, every hospital, every person is different.

Don't believe everything that you read, it will drive you crazy.

Let us know how things went.


Thanks, Kim. I haven’t gone yet. I had to wait for my insurance so it took a bit. I’ll be there at the beginning of June. I’m looking forward to the visit so I can have a plan.