Having Appendix Taken Out During Transplant Surgery?

I have this idea that I want to ask the group. When I have my transplant surgery, I know they are going to remove my gallbladder, but I was wondering if anyone who has had a transplant ever asked about having your appendix taken out at the same time? Seems like it would be good to just get it out of the way to avoid having to do it later if it should become infected. What are your experiences and thoughts on the subject. Thanks!


Mark, I understand the concern, but 3 body parts are a lot to lose at one time. I would not be in a hurry to lose the third.

My theory that you know you're getting older when you start losing body parts would advance that aging process several steps if you lost three at once.

I going to go out on a limb and suggest that your transplant surgeon is probably going to have the best answer to this.

I say take it out. They are already in there, so get rid of it before it becomes a problem. Jeffrey had his out when he had his colonectomy last year, so we solved that problem fast. That’s the only good thing that has come of all this surgery he has had.


Thanks everyone for all the helpful suggestions to my question. Well my hepatologist solved the question today while I was there. A big fat NO was his response. He said there's way too much going on during transplant surgery to think about anything else. I had also asked about having an umbilical hernia repaired at that time and all I get is a Maybe. He said though that they could go back in while I'm still in the hospital to fix that once they get my new liver stabilized.

I'll also take this opportunity to tell you that after my appointment today, my doctor is recommending I proceed with my living donor transplant as soon as possible. During my recent ERCP they did a EUS and examined my esophagus and stomach thoroughly, and I have Grade 2 Esophageal varices in the lower third of my esophagus. In addition my spleen and pancreas are quite enlarged all this due to the back-pressure created from the liver not flowing blood like it should.

Tomorrow my youngest brother is supposed to hear a final word from his transplant evaluation team. If he get's the ok we are going to try and schedule around the last week of July for the transplant surgery. I sure would appreciate everyone's prayers for me and my entire family during this time. As you can imagine, with two of my parents sons undergoing surgery possibly, this has been quite a burden to bear. But we will make it through it by God's grace. Thanks.


Mark, good luck and prayers. I misread your note and didn’t realize you were having a transplant. There is no way he would remove your appendix! But it was a good thought!!

Seriously, I hope your brother is a match and you are able to go along with your transplant. All good luck and prayers.


I hope you have a match.