Have been doing ok

It's been just over a year since my gallbladder was removed. Before that I had undergone three ercps. Have been doing ok since then. Untill last wend, stated getting chills and then a fever, worked thru that in about 24hrs, went back to work Friday. then again Friday evening another fever which broke in the early morning. Got up went to the bathroom, nice dark tea colored urine. Still a bit dark this afternoon and a lower grad fever is still present. The slight discomfort has also been present on my lower right side again. I don't know why I always start to act up on a Friday for the weekend. Going to keep monitoring and then call my Liver Dr. Monday. May be in for a Thanksgiving week ERCP....Very bad timing.

Sounds like a cholangitis attack. My doc told me that if I have an unexplained fever that hits 101, to get to the ER.

I would call the doc's office over the weekend and get word to him of what is happening.