Good news?

The FDA has granted orphan drug designation to Lumena Pharmaceuticals for LUM001, a drug being developed for treatment of four rare liver diseases, including PSC, according to this press release.

A short explanation of what that means is found in this article.


Chaim Boermeester, Israel


Good progress. Glad to know there is a company focusing on rare liver disease treatment. Thanks for the post and update.

Dear Chaim Boermeester,

Thank you for posting this. Sometimes things seem so bleak for my six year old daughter, but this shows that there may yet be light at the end of the tunnel!!

Thank you. :)

Please also check out ORAL VANCOMYCIN as treatment for PSC. Dr. Cox at Stanford University in California has had incredible success with over 50 patients treated!! This is very likely the cure we all have been praying for. Google “the case of the disappearing liver disease” or “successful treatment of recurrent PSC” for articles that will blow your mind…best wishes to our fellow PSC patients :slight_smile: