Gluten intolerance claims exaggerated

this doctor is part of a scientific advisory panel for "healthy grains institute". that group was formed is nearly a direct response to the book wheat belly. the article claims no increase in gluten and the writer of the wheat belly book also claims there is no increase in gluten in modern wheat. he does claim that the molecular structure has changed dramatically that is the cause for an increase in gluten intolerance.

"The astounding list of problems we have with modern wheat is not due to an increase in gluten content. It is due to other changes, including:

–Altered structure of the gliadin proteins. The Glia-alpha9 sequence, for example, that is associated with triggering the changes of celiac disease in HLA DQ8/2-positive people, has been enriched in modern wheat, though nearly absent from the wheat of 1960 and earlier.
–Change in the structure of wheat germ agglutinin, the indigestible protein of wheat that exerts direct toxic effects on the small intestine and may block leptin, the hormone of satiety.
–Unique antigens (allergy- and immune-stimulating proteins) posed by new forms of alpha amylase inhibitors and other proteins."

bubba, this site you are quoting is highly commercial and designed to sell books. I would be reluctant to take Dr. Davis as an objective source of information on this subject. Anyone who makes regular appearances on the Dr. Oz show is not particularly credible, in my opinion.