Few random questions/thoughts

A few things …
-First I’ll say I visited dr Cox right before he retires. He’s working on a paper to publish with a case study of 59 patients on vancomycin, for a number of years. I think that is published in October for any interested in that.
-Anyone here with auto immune hepatitis overlap? My white blood cell count has been below normal for a while and they are taking me off imuran and I’m wondering if anyone has success with any other treatments other than that

  • antidepressants/anti anxiety ok? My psych wants to prescribe me celexa… she ran it by the doctors and they are ok with it even though it’s partially metabolized by the liver… but I also feel like my liver team at ucsd isn’t the “BEST” or at least super educated on all new things psc.
    -since being on vancomycin my ca199 cancer antigen marker went from 222, to 3. (Normal is 0-35) I had tears in my eyes. So much anxiety in the last month surrounding what it “could” mean…


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Hi! My partner has PSC and I share your anxiety, but I do think it gets easier over time! Antidepressants are generally fine with PSC. My partner takes two of them actually. The psychological burden associated with PSC often seems to be the biggest factor affecting quality of life, so it is equally important to look after your mental health!