Excruciating pain after colonoscopy!?

We just returned home from a appointment with our gastroenterologist. My fiancé had 6 bands placed on veins within his esophagus and while they had him sedated for the endoscopy threw in a colonoscopy. (Gift with purchase?) Within 30 minutes after the procedure he was in excruciating pain. The RN ran a rectal tube to release gas. After that failed, gave him some narcotic which shortly lasted. We came home and he had a few sips of soup and a jello cup… Two pain pills for dessert. He fell asleep nearly in tears. I understand discomfort is normal and I will use common sense as far as going to the emergency room. The doc said his colon is rather twisted, they needed a lot of air to get a good view in there. Also, I noticed while rubbing his belly that his spleen is inflamed or swollen. Has anyone experienced a similar situation? I hate seeing him like this. Any home remedies out there for comforting him? -A

Oh my goodness that’s horrible. I’m so sorry. My son has had three done within the past 8 months & has not experienced anything like that. I will tell you that I had an issue expelling the gas after my surgery & hot water bottles or heating pads are the only things that worked. I refused pain meds. The hot water was like a miracle. I’ve never experienced such pain before. I’m sorry he’s going through this. I know you must feel helpless. Hang in there.

Call the Dr. About his spleen. My son had an enlarged spleen, gall bladder, liver & aorta.
I wish you well… AJ

Thank you for the comments, AJ.

Feeling much better! I prayed like crazy, gave him a heating pad and he woke up with no pain what so ever!! The next few days he did have a tender throat but the pain in this stomach went away. Thank God!

Colonoscopies pose risks especially for.people over 70.and those with bowel problems which often occur in PSC patients The area of the spleen is close to the utmost top of the transverse colon before it descends. This area is subject to pain and swelling in PSC patients. Relief of the bloating,swelling and the pain is possible. While a colonoscopy is still the best way to detect problems, for those with bowel disease alternatives are available. Discuss this with your specialist.


Thank you, Adrian.

I have Ulcerative Colitis and had PSC. About 10% of PSC patients have UC. If your fiancé endured banding and a colonoscopy, he has every reason to feel miserable. They would do the same thing to me. When my UC was active and they inflated my intestines, it caused a lot of pain. It took about 3 days to get back to normal.

PSC causes the spleen to enlarge. The Portal blood system includes your esophagus, stomach, spleen, pancreas and liver. As cirrhosis develops, the overabundance of white blood cells caused by the immune system, gets clogged in the spleen. The blood cannot flow at a normal rate through the liver. The spleen swells and varices (bulges in veins) occur that need banding. Definitely not fun. One doctor said my spleen was six times normal size. I was alarmed, thinking it might rupture. He assured me it would not and that the Portal pressure would keep up until I got a transplant.

I had end-stage IV cirrhosis and about 15% liver function when I was transplanted. All my liver issues were cured. The UC however, remains. I hope by the time you read this that your fiancé is well on the road to recovery.