Excess Hair Growth - Prednisone Side Effects on 13 Year Old Boy with PSC

I have a somewhat delicate question for parents of children who have taken high dose prednisone and azathioprine. My son has been taking them for 14 weeks. He stayed on 60mg for about 8 weeks and this dose has slowly been reduced to 15mg from today. We are hoping it will be able to be reduced further as long as his lfts stay stable. During this time, the expected side effects have occurred - he has a big appetite, has blurred vision, has gained weight, has puffy cheeks and a large abdomen prone to bloating. He is lucky not to have suffered from sleep or mood problems. However, in the last month, he has grown an excess amount of prominent dark hair on his neck and back. The hair on his face and arms has also increased. He is very self conscious about his changing appearance and this is causing him to be quite down (on top of dealing with the PSC itself). He has no other symptoms of puberty and our family history and also the PSC will mostly likely cause him to have delayed puberty. My question is - is there anything that can be done about this hair? Is the hair going to stay for good or could it "fall out" when the prednisone dosage is very low? How have other kids/parents dealt with this issue. Thanks in advance for any advice x