Evusheld treatment

Hi all,
I just received the two shot Evusheld monoclonal antibody treatment. It’s the new pre-exposure drug for immunocompromised people who may not respond to the Covid vaccine. Has anyone else had this treatment yet?

I received a notification from my transplant center about but I was scared how did you feel after

What type of notification from your transplant center did you receive?


Felt fine after. As part of the protocol, they had me wait at the clinic for an hour after and checked vitals twice during that time. It’s not a total get out of jail card - I will still exercise precautions now with masking and distancing - but I now feel like I’m finally really vaccinated and have more of a “normal” level of protection.


Hello there my son, age 22 recieved the EvuShield 2 shot, about a month ago. He has been fine. My son also tested positive for COVID-19 the next day! Yikes after EvuShield, so we went to local ER same day,and he also got the Monocolonial antibodies. He’s all juiced up now. Seth my son, has been trying to control a flair with Remicade every 6 weeks. Getting COVID messed up the schedule for that up and he is back on steroids. Anywho. Seth was diagnosed age 15-17 with various autoimmune disease. Cholinergic urticaria, PSC, Pancolitis, and autonomic dysfunctions. He was able to get his AA degree this spring, and is working on his Bachelor’s in the fall. He keeps going and I am so proud of him.You all are such an inspiration. Thanks again Tina Seth’s Mom