ERCP increases the risk of Pancreatitis

18% chance of adverse reactions due to an ERCP? Yikes. And the reactions they state are an attack of either cholangitis or pancreatitis. No experience with an attack of cholangitis, but three attacks of pancreatitis gave me three vacations in the hospital.

Luckily did not have any issues with the two ERCP's I have had.

What an interesting article Stephen - it's exactly the reason my Specialist is reluctant to perform an ERCP on me - in my case, the risks outweigh the potential benefits...

Thanks for the post Stephen :)

2 ERCP’ s so far and one bout of pancreatitis. Awfully scary experience but did feel better after the procedure for a while once the shock and pain was over.

I've had 16 ERCPs to date - every 3-4 months to replace stent, otherwise become obstructed. No pancreatitis bouts have followed so far. Once ended up in hospital 11 days later with infection but this was in R intrahepatic duct. Not a whole lot of options here.. dependent upon stent, dread the day they will no longer work.