Cramping--- again

We have discussed muscle cramping before in the forum here, but this cramping that my husband is experiencing is deeper or different than muscle. He describes it as deep in the bone. It brings him to his knees as it is extremely painful. It mostly happens in his legs. Does anybody else have this issue and if so, any advice to go with it?

Dehydration would be my prime suspect. I have several a year, and have noticed that they announce themselves when my ankle/toes are pointed away from me, like when I try to through the blankets off in the morning. There have been quite a few cramps prevented when I sensed it coming, and brought my foot up as high as it would go (90 + degrees to my leg) Sometimes that stops them, sometimes it does not.

There is a window of about a half or 3/4 second when this can work. Once that window closes, boy, does it close tight.

I do not know your husband is able to head off a cramp by doing this, but I hope so.



I suffered quite a lot before transplant with cramps mainly in my feet and lower part of my legs. I've had some since then but I'll tell you one thing that seems to be helping. I am taking 400 IU of Vitamin E each evening at supper and then I take 2 400 MG Magnesium Citrate capsules twice a day. I take them around 3 PM and then whenever I wake up in the middle of the night usually around 1 or 2 AM. This has really seemed to help a lot. You might look into that. I will tell you though that if you decide to take the Magnesium, I have found that if I take it with meals instead of away from mealtime that I eventually start having really bad diarrhea. I finally discovered a couple of weeks ago this after suffering for months now. Thankfully it is now well under control again. "Oh what a relief it is!"

Good Luck!


PSC 2011 / Liver-Transplant 7-2015

My doctor told me to take vitamin e daily and make sure I have plenty of protein. Seems to work. When the cramping is really bothering me, I can drink a Premier Protein shake and that has been the quickest relief I have found.