After I went to the doctors, they gave me the Rifampin and Cholestyramine.. I was told that most people stop taking Cholestyramine because of the taste. It is a powder that you mix with 2-6oz. of water or beverage of your choice.

I thought for a sec, because I really wanted to try both to stop my symptoms, I thought about what to mix the powder with. I know it has an orange flavor. But I did not want to stop and try to taste it without a good taste. I mixed it with a strong pink lemonade. That seemed to work. It gives you a Metamucil look but I was able to drink it. I just mostly feared drinking it because I had thrown up the barium that they had given me before the last CT scan. I know my stomach cannot take such things like that anymore. I hope this helps with people who have been given the powder. If you have a Copps/Pick N Save around you, pick up just the store brand (Roundy's) pink lemonade. That one has an extremely strong lemon flavor. Otherwise start taste testing some lemonades to find one that is strong lemon flavor to mask the powder.

Hope this helps.