Butyrate supplementation with Vancomycin?

Has anyone tried butyrate supplementation while they’re taking Vancomycin to maintain intestinal barrier function? I came across this article about butyrate by PhD microbiome researcher Lucy Mailing: https://www.lucymailing.com/scfas-part-2-the-benefits-of-butyrate/

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Never heard of that.

This is really interesting. I have been taking vanco for my Psc. It seems to be keeping my Psc in check but I have episodic gi symptoms, bloating and gas, etc. I have an ileostomy so my stoma also gets swollen and painful. I’m wondering if the vanco has depleted butyrate producing organisms. Do you use it? If so what dose and brand?

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I started taking Tesseract Medical Research ProButyrate, Butyric Acid 300mg at roughly the same time as Vancomycin (only about a week and a half ago). I have been taking 1 capsule twice per day but need to check in with my doctor about dosing. So far, my digestion has been slightly worse while taking Vanco (I have been in a short remission from UC leading up to this). I’m also pretty apprehensive about long term use and also about biodiversity loss in my microbiome if I do discontinue.