Be aware of scams if you are sick like we are

I never thought I'd be taken in by a scam, but today I got a phone call by somebody posing to be a CRA agent, (like the IRS for Americans) stating that there is an outstanding balance related to an audit of my account.

When you have PSC, you can be very tired, and for some reason, I ended up really thinking I was in trouble and that I would be arrested if I didn't react to this caller. I also have a cold this week.

Eventually, I managed to pull myself away from this 20 minute phone call in which the caller was never at a loss for words. He ended up saying that he would send the RCMP to carry out an arrest. I wavered about accepting some sort of resolution strategy which he called OOCR (Out of Court Response). Finally, I accepted the option to just wait to be arrested.

I can't believe my response. I ended up saying I had liver disease and that I couldn't handle this, but I shouldn't have even given this information. This call was a phishing attempt for identity theft, which I now know.

I consider myself a bright individual, but this person was able to mess with my mind because my body struggles to keep up with my mind. I just want to say, be careful of this scam and all scams when you have PSC. It might not be a bad idea to inform yourself of current scams, and to heighten security on your credit report via Equifax and Trans-Union.

Dear Lara,
So sorry that this happened to you. I too had psc and know the feeling. These calls have come to me too. I tell them that stealing is a sin and hang up on them. Don't give any money or personal information over the phone no matter how legitimate they sound. Rooting for you and hang in there.
PS I had my liver transplant 11 years ago and am doing fine. You will too!!!!!